Apple’s Steve Jobs brought his magic to Disney

Disney CEO Robert Iger, left, and Steve Jobs in 2006. Jobs became Disney’s… (Justin Sullivan, Getty…)

When Walt Disney Co. looked to revamp its troubled retail stores in 2008, Chief Executive Robert A. Iger sought advice from the company’s largest shareholder, a foremost expert on the consumer experience.

Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs had lured theme-park-size crowds to his company’s stores with daring architecture, no-pressure sales staffs and displays that enticed customers to come in and play with the tech world’s sexiest toys.

Though Disney sold its chain four years earlier, its name was still on the stores. Jobs told Iger that Disney needed to control those properties, arguing that a third party would never be as meticulous or creative a steward of the brand. After Disney bought back the chain, it was Jobs who urged the field testing of a fully stocked prototype before unveiling a new retail look to shoppers.

Photos: Steve Jobs | 1955-2011

“He felt that if we were going to be in the retail business, we should do it ourselves; we should own it,” said Andrew P. Mooney, Disney’s former head of consumer products.

Helping resuscitate Disney’s 220 North American stores is but one example of the powerful behind-the-scenes role Jobs played at the Burbank entertainment company as a board member and its largest individual shareholder. Jobs’ 2006 sale of Pixar Animation Studios to Disney gave him a 7.3% stake in the media giant and a seat on its board.

His legacy can be seen in virtually every corner of Disney, from the budding resurgence of Walt Disney Animation Studios to the $1-billion overhaul of Disney’s California Adventure and the expansion of its cruise line, according to the accounts of about a dozen current and former executives of Disney and Apple.

“Steve Jobs brought a perspective that was visionary because of his understanding of how technology was changing and what really resonates with consumers,” said Arvind Bhambri, an associate professor at USC’s Marshall School of Business. “If you look at Disney in the last few years, they started to regain their magic. I don’t think it’s a complete coincidence that the Pixar acquisition, and Steve Jobs’ role on the Disney board, coincides with Disney regaining its momentum.”

With Jobs’ death Wednesday, it’s unclear who will fill his board seat. Disney would not comment for this story.

Jobs was one of technology’s leading futurists and an advisor and confidant to Iger, who sought his counsel on one of the key issues confronting Hollywood: digital distribution. Disney was the first studio to sell its television shows and movies in Apple’s iTunes store, which yielded an early mover advantage.

Jobs lauded Disney’s swift adoption of new forms of distribution. After ABC unveiled the network’s iPad application, Jobs met with the development team in Iger’s office. One member of the team told friends that it was the equivalent of getting an audience with the pope, according to a participant at the meeting.

Disney’s digital forays sometimes placed the company and its chief executive at odds with the rest of the entertainment industry. Executives at rival studios criticized Disney, saying it rushed to offer its content on the latest Apple devices at the risk of disabling business models that had been carefully honed over decades.

The studio has maintained that it has benefited from associating its brand with the hippest tech gadgets, and reaped a financial windfall from leapfrogging its competitors onto the devices. Iger frequently has touted digital download statistics at Wall Street conferences and earnings calls.

Less tangible than his digital vision were the Apple marketing maestro’s insights about the power of a great brand, and the need to carefully tend it.

Jobs encouraged Disney executives to think in terms of “brand deposits” or “brand withdrawals” every time they made a movie, television show or consumer product.

“You could make the argument that Disney has been reshaped in Apple’s image: brand over everything, and an emphasis on quality,” said Oren Aviv, former head of production for Walt Disney Studios.

Over the last four years, Disney has shed assets that conflict with its identity as a purveyor of family entertainment, which people close to the company’s decision-making say reflects Jobs’ brand sensibilities. One prominent example: the 2010 sale of the Miramax Films specialty unit, whose sometimes crude and violent indie movies did not fit comfortably under the Disney marquee.

When the Disney board was prepared to sell the cruise line in 2007 and license its name to the new operator, Jobs questioned the virtue of the move, saying Disney needed to control its brand, according to one person’s account of the board meeting.

Jobs also brought his less-is-more mentality to Disney. He famously was quoted by BusinessWeek as saying that the secret to Apple’s product success “comes from saying ‘no’ to 1,000 things … [so] you can concentrate on the things that are really important.”

Insurance :: Damage Control: Mitigating the Effects of Rising Product Liability Insurance Rates.

So the broker you select (hereafter called the “retail broker”) must submit your account to a wholesale broker, who in turn will yield it to viable insurance companies. Have you jumped from carrier to carrier each year (red flag for an underwriter) or does your record show that you have demonstrated some level of loyalty to one or two carriers?

Nobody likes surprises. Insurance buyers should communicate with internal senior management regarding the company’s read more tolerances for uninsured risk, as deductibles may rise and high limits of liability insurance may perhaps no longer be an affordable luxury.

Why? Rates have declined by 80% according to some estimates. Be prepared, as one more characteristic of a “hard” or blog sellers market is that insurance companies invariably attempt to reduce coverage by adding up exclusions and endorsements that conflict with what you thought you were buying.

Select a Broker Who Specializes In Your Industry and Team Up

It had to happen.

Product liability insurance rates for the dietary supplement business, which have been in a steep decline for about seven years, have bottomed out in the previous ninety days, and are probably headed upwards in the coming term.

Don’t Delay Until the Last Minute

Step in to your Underwriters Shoes

Inform Management for Higher Premiums. Mid-level managers at larger companies need to prepare the bosses for higher premium rates. Are the risks you’re most worried about insured in your current coverage? Are you aware of areas wherein you have exposure but no coverage? Read your policies, or better yet meet with your insurance professional and carry a comprehensive review of coverage. Whether you supply raw material, finished product, or both, in a hard market the underwriter will still place you in the dietary supplement arena, where some unscrupulous characters still thrive. And not simply for product liability insurance rates (although for most supplement companies this is far and away the most pricey policy they purchase). The ebb and flow, roller coaster course of premiums for commercial insurance has historical precedence and is destined once again to rise.

If you’ve had insured claims in the last five years, are you prepared to tell your side of the story as to what happened, and present supporting records if asked?

Start talking to your broker about your renewal at least 90 days before the renewal date.

Nevertheless there are several practical steps you can put into practice that improve the odds that you will endure the seller’s market for insurance and be around to capitalize on the next buyers market when it comes.

Now, some tips.

In addition, most insurance buyers are not aware that all insurers offering product liability to the dietary supplement business require the use of a wholesale insurance broker to retrieve them. The reality is you are going to pay for that association, and a competent broker will have the skills to distinguish you from the rest of the pack.

So select your broker carefully– and don’t wait until the last minute!

Take some time in understanding your coverage. What questions would you ask and how can your company respond to them? You accepted a 483 warning letter this year (it’s on the internet and your underwriter will find it)-do you have a ready and logical explanation? Can you give copies of the certificate of insurance program you mange for your suppliers or-do you even have one? Are there any elements of your website that would frighten away an otherwise interested underwriter (sports nutrition companies should take special note of this suggestion). As a result, the introduction of even another party to the buying chain makes the insurance procurement process more vulnerable to something “falling between the cracks.” With two brokers (wholesale and retail) now in the picture, it is even more critical that a company select a competent and knowledgeable retail broker to coordinate the marketing of its insurance

Attempt to imagine yourself as the product liability underwriter for your business. Insurers have been struck by shattering losses and an progressively litigious social environment. Underwriters will be asking more questions about your business, questions they weren’t bothering to ask last year. This is not the case. They couldn’t go down without end. Interest rates are at monumental lows with no end in sight. Since the process is going to be more difficult, it will take more time.

Focus on Coverage- With Price

Have you ever said to yourself, “my broker clearly does not understand what we do”? Make it a top priority to find a broker who understands the supplement industry and will be an effective advocate for your insurance interests. Most people are under the impression that their retail broker is talking directly with the insurance underwriters

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Financial Education In Nigeria

In the world today, many click here young adults have debts before they reach 21. Children need to be educated about money and smart financial planning. The field of finance deals with concepts of time, money, risk and how they are interrelated. It also deals with how money is spent and budgeted. If the Education in Nigeria can focus more on this area of finance, the foundation of a strong and secure future of children would be built before they grow into adults.

Financial education, empowering individuals with valuable knowledge to take control of their finances and make informed decisions is recognised by many employers including those with businesses advertised in the Nigerian Financial Directory as the key to improving productivity and well-being. The level of financial capability changes peoples lives by increasing psychological well-being, life satisfaction and reducing anxiety and depression.

Make a list of essential financial facts that children need to know. This list can comprise of How to save, how to keep track of money and how to spend. The list should cover the common rules that will introduce the children to the world of finance. This structure should be according to the various ages of children. It is very significant that children understand that buying affects personal finance. From the Education in Nigeria perspective, if these basics are taught, children grow up being able to spend wisely, save up a lot of money which they can use to even start up a small business depending how long they have been saving. They can also be taught to understand how long it will take to buy something they really want. Teaching children about savings allows them to correlate work with prices, and begin to understand, in a deeper sense, the value of items and purchases and also wants versus needs.

Another aspect of financial education is teaching children the importance of charitable giving. Children are naturally receptive to sharing and they need to be taught that money can be used for more than just toys and savings. With this in mind, children grow up to associate money with not only good for themselves but good for others as well. Some companies found in the Nigeria Financial Directory have Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is the continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as of the local community and society at large. When children donate to deprived children, they need to be taught read more to understand that their monies went into buying better computers for their fellow school mates or even helping to feed the poor in the society.

Ruth Madoff: ‘What’s a Ponzi scheme?’

New York — The wife and son of financial swindler Bernard Madoff said in their first broadcast interview Sunday that they knew nothing of his estimated $65 billion Ponzi scheme, but feel shame for his “unforgiveable” crime.

Madoff, 73, is serving a 150-year prison sentence after confessing to running a decades-long scheme that bilked investors out of billions, considered the biggest financial fraud in history.

Defrauded Madoff investors have long viewed the convicted swindler’s sons, wife and other family member suspiciously, arguing it is impossible that they did not know about his lies. No family members have been criminally charged.

Madoff’s younger son Andrew told the CBS program “60 Minutes” that the family was shocked when his sobbing father confessed his crime to them in December 2008. He said his mother Ruth’s first question was “What’s a Ponzi scheme?”

“She didn’t even understand that. I think it was me who answered and said that “It means that it’s all fake,’” Andrew Madoff said. “(Bernard Madoff) followed that up and said ‘Yes, I’ve been lying to all of you – all of these years. I’ve been lying to everybody. I’ve been lying to myself.’”

Mark and Andrew Madoff — who worked at their father’s firm — turned him into authorities and he was arrested on December 11, 2008.

Madoff has insisted he acted alone in running the Ponzi scheme, a fraud in which early investors are paid with money from new ones. Such schemes often collapse when there are too few new investors or too many investors read more try to cash out at once.

Since he pleaded guilty in March 2009, seven other people have been arrested in the case, including several of his long-time employees and an outside accountant.

Mark Madoff, 46, hanged himself in his New York apartment last year on the second anniversary of his father’s December 11 arrest. Ruth Madoff said that the couple had also tried to kill themselves by taking pills on Christmas Eve in 2008.

“I can’t explain it, I mean I trusted him,” Ruth Madoff said when asked how she could not have known of her husband’s crime. “Why would it ever occur to me that it wasn’t legal?”

“There was nothing that would ever make me suspect anything,” she said.


Andrew Madoff said his father’s investment advisory business, the Ponzi scheme, was “a completely separate business” to the trading business where he and his brother worked.

“We were executing hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. And that kept all of us incredibly busy. And it just — it just didn’t occur to me that he could be involved in any kind of criminal activity,” he said.

Andrew Madoff said one of the hardest things for him to come to terms with was the feeling that he and his brother were used by his father, who shielded his Ponzi scheme with their legitimate trading business.

“It’s unforgiveable,” he said. “No father should do that to their sons.”

Ruth Madoff and her sons barely spoke in the two years after his father’s arrest because, Andrew Madoff said, he and his brother could not understand her decision to stay by their father’s side.

“I never though of leaving,” Ruth Madoff said. “I didn’t know what else to do but stay there.”

“I think he got stuck, that’s what he said. And he didn’t have the courage to face things when they might have been able to be faced on a much smaller scale,” she said.

After her son Mark committed suicide, she cut off contact with her husband and now lives in a three-room apartment in South Florida.

When asked why she hadn’t filed for divorce, Ruth Madoff said: “It doesn’t matter to me — he’s going to die in prison.”

The Madoff scandal shook investors around the world and sparked criticism of market regulators for failing to catch him despite warnings and tips over many years. A court-appointed trustee is now trying to recover the money for investors defrauded by Madoff.

“What he did to me, to my brother, and to my family is unforgiveable,” Andrew Madoff said. “What he did to thousands of other blog people, destroyed their lives — I’ll never understand it. And I’ll never forgive him for it.”

( Editing by Eric Walsh)

Buy Bass Boat Insurance

Buying Bass Boat InsuranceBass boat insurance is designed for the unique needs of people who love to go fishing. A standard watercraft insurance policy won’t cover the specific needs of a fishing boat owner. Restrictions on motor size, speed and types of propellers are often waived by companies who provide boat insurance quotes. Bass boat insurance is intended for people who are serious about fishing and who owns a motor boat used primarily for fishing-related activities. The boat insurance quote also includes some limited commercial use to cover risks associated with fishing guides and competitive use.

The Best Boat Insurance Companies Offer Many Coverages

Physical damage, liability, uninsured boaters’ coverage and medical payments are standard components of the best boat insurance policy. Fully insured fishing boats have protection for the hull and machinery including inboard and outboard motors whether the boat is in use, being towed or in storage. Customers may also choose to buy a liability-only bass boat insurance policy. The best boat insurance companies typically provide three types of policies for fishing boats:

Agreed value bass boat insurance quotes are more costly but in case of a total loss will pay for the total value of the boat as listed on the policy.

Actual cash value, where depreciation is taken from the value of the watercraft in case of a total loss (also called “market value”) makes boat insurance rates are less expensive.

Liability-only fishing boat insurance is also available and the least expensive to buy, only providing coverage in case the bass boat causes damage to someone not covered by the policy or to someone else’s property. There is no physical damage included with this type of watercraft insurance policy.

Coverages vary by boat insurance company but usually provide protection for fishing boats used in U.S., Canadian and sometimes Mexican waters.

Fishing Boat Insurance Quotes Specific to Bass Boat Owners’ Needs

Fishing boat insurance quotes offer coverages designed for bass boat owners and vary by insurance company:

Tournament fee reimbursement for professional anglers and amateurs is available and provides reimbursement if a covered loss prevents the bass boat owner from attending a fishing tournament.

Coverage for motor boats used by fishing guides is also often available in the bass boat insurance quote.

Replacement cost coverage for boating equipment is an important component of the fishing boat insurance click here policy. As with motorcycle insurance, equipment can be costly to replace. Replacement cost coverage ensures that full reimbursement is received for lost or damaged boating equipment.

Emergency and non-emergency towing assistance is available from many motor boat insurance companies.

A comprehensive bass boat insurance rate quote will include coverage for fishing equipment used on the boat.

Additional coverage for personal belongings and the trailer used to tow the boat are also included in the motor boat insurance policy.

A comprehensive fishing boat insurance quote may also offer additional coverage available for purchase for dinghies, ice-related claims and electronic navigational equipment.

Motor Boat Insurance Rates and Discounts

Discounts on motor boat insurance rates are available to people who have completed a safety course offered by groups like the Coast Guard or the Red Cross. Buying bass boat insurance is a lot cheaper if the driver has a good driving record. Motor boat insurance rate discounts are also available for boaters with several years’ experience boating and for boats stored in a secure, locked area. The cost to buy fishing boat insurance varies widely; rates depend upon the boat’s value, how often it is used and which discounts apply.

If you enjoyed reading about buying motor boat insurance coverage, you might also enjoy learning more about personal watercraft insurance.

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